We take away all your worries with regards to your machine. Be it the repair works, or the maintenance for a cleaner water, we hope to be able to serve you with the same smile every time.

Whenever I have problems with my water coolers, I will always think of Sunshield, as I think they are the best around in the market, and they provide excellent after-sales support.

Mr Ng – Operations Manager

Regular Servicing
We believe in the need for regular maintenance of your water coolers. Now and then, impurities and rust will come along from your water pipes, which can be at least 20-30 years old, which floats around within the water tank. Thus, we believe that along with a regular upkeep of the machine, we are able to extend the lifespan of the machine.
Why Us
We dare not say that we are the best amongst the others out there in the market, but we guarantee that we will dedicate our best to our customers, to make all our customers satisfied customers.
In House Technicians
If we dare say we are second, nobody will dare say they are the first. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service, as well as having the technical skill set that our staff possesses to ensure that your machine is in good hands.

Steven has always dropped by my camp upon my request, to take a look at the water coolers over here. Along the way, I myself have even learnt some new things about water coolers as well! I trust his judgement and recommendations, and more often than not, they are the best around. Thanks!
-CPL Tan