Water Cooler & Water Dispenser

With more than 20 years of experience in the water cooler and water dispenser industry, and as an pioneer player in the superior water products marketplace, Sunshield Enterprise prides itself as the innovator in the water cooler and water dispenser business in Singapore, delivering the most refreshing natural mineral water and pure distilled water to homes and offices. With Sunshield Enterprise, clients can select to dispense mineral water and distilled water with an extensive choice of Sunshield Enterprise water dispensers.

Our Water Dispensers – No more lifting of bottles.

With our hot and cold Water Dispenser, you can take pleasure in the convenience of Sunshield Enterprise water dispenser, and you are not required to lift heavy bottles. Best suited for woman environment offices and homes with elderly and kids.

Enjoy the benefit of cold Sunshield Enterprise water dispenser with our best selling Sunshield Enterprise hot and water dispensers standing at home and office.

Flooring constraint in your workplace or house? At home or office, you can still enjoy refreshing Sunshield Enterprise water, with Sunshield Enterprise Hot and Cold Wall Mounted Water Dispenser.

In case you really do not require cold water , but just want hot water for your your hot drink desires, then look no further than Hot Water Dispenser

Then look no further than Sunshield Enterprise Hot and Room Table Top Water Dispenser if you want just hot water for your hot beverage needs, and have floor space constraint in office and your home!

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