Clover D5CH Hot & Cold Dispenser

Main Features

A Hot and Cold Table Floor Standing water dispenser that is best suited for offices, home kitchen and pantry areas

CABINET – High glossy cabinet (Front and top: ABS plastics, Side: High polymer polyester coated steel panel). Superior resistance to UV light COLD WATER THERMOSTAT – Temperature is controlled to 7°C~12°C by adjustable thermostat, easily accessible at the side of cabinet HOT WATER THERMOSTAT – Water temperature is controlled to nearly 85°C by automatic thermostat. ON/OFF switch is easily accessible in the control box at the side of cabinet. REFRIGERATION UNIT – Convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubricant needed. Refrigerant is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube. Quiet operation by the optimum design. Highly efficient cooling function REFRIGERANT TYPE -  R134a ELECTRICAL -  220V ~ 240V(±10%) 50Hz provided with power cord and plug.


MODEL D5CH (Hot&Cold)
Cold Water Capacity 3.8L of 10°C
Cold Water Tank Size 10.5L
Cold Water Capacity 6.5L of 85°C
Hot Water Tank Size 1.8L
Flow Control Mechanical Float Valve
Dimensions W(310mm) x D(310mm) x H(1040mm)
Weight 16.8kg
* Cold and hot water: The above rates tested in ambient temperature-90°F(32°C), Water inlet temperature –  80°F(27°C). Specifications are subject to change without notice. Country of Origin: Korea


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