CJ-304 Hot Water Boiler

Under sink hot water boiler

Main Features

  • The structures and panels are made by stainless steel, which are durable and never rusty.
  • The heating system adopts boiler steam principle.
  • There are 2 temperature controllers for hot water.
  • Pressure releasing valve, hot water non-return valve, earth leakage circuit breaker are built inside. These protecting equipments provide safety and reliability of the machine.
  • CJ-304 can be installed on the counter or under the sink. Its size is small which can save the space.
  • CJ-304 can provide 100℃ hot water any time.
  • Please install gooseneck hot water tap (our model: 7001) along with CJ-304.
  • Filtering way: external filter or RO system.


Model Type Dimension WxDxH(cm) Power Water tank capacity
CJ-304 Under sink Hot water only 18 x 24 x 38 Heating: 750W Hot: 4L


Click below to download the manual.